How to Play

After successfully installing and launching the game, choose ‘PLAY’ from the main menu and select ‘NEW GAME’ to bring up the language selection screen. From here, you can choose from a list of available Target Language Packs that you have installed. Some of the non-latin-derived languages have special display options intended for players of different skill levels. These options can be easily changed in-game by pressing the ‘R’ or ‘F’ keys.


Note: Controls can be customized by holding down the ‘SHIFT’ key on Windows or the ‘OPTION’ key on Mac when the game is launched.



WASD/Arrows Walk
Tab Switch Camera View (TPV-FPV)
Click + Drag Move Camera
LMB Select Object/Word
RMB Open/Close/Animate
Mouse Wheel Zoom In/Out
Q Open Vocab List
E Open To Do List
Ctrl Component Modifier Key
Shift Crouch (hard to see words)
Spacebar Add word to Vocab List
Backspace Skip (time attack)
F11 Fullscreen Toggle Hotkey
Esc Pause/Close Menu
R (R)omaji Mode (latin chars)
F (F)urigana Mode (other chars)
  • Double Click on objects for info!
  • Spacebar also adds words to your list!
  • Earn stars by mastering words in Time Attack & Fly By Mode!
  • Get a word correct 3 times in a row to master it and earn a star!
  • Spend stars to unlock Adjective & Verb tabs on various Nouns!

Where can I buy Influent for the classroom?

You can purchase educational editions in bulk with a lesson plan on the Teacher Gaming Store.
Educational institutions also receive a discount.

Support Forums

To join in the conversation, our forums require users to have a Steam account.
Forums can be found here: Influent Forums

Can I help out?

Are you a native speaker of a language not yet in Influent? Interested in helping out?

Here’s how it all works:

There are 3 tasks involved in the creation of a language pack:

  • Translation of word list + gender articles + gender specifications (if applicable)
  • Translation of the user interface strings
  • Recording the native audio pronunciations (if possible to meet in person)

If you would like to assist with any or all of these, fill out this form and we will contact you.

Who made the Music?

Influent’s music was created by Lifeformed. Check out his other works below:
Lifeformed Website
Lifeformed Soundcloud

Where can I connect with the Influent community?

I can’t find any more objects/words, what do I do?

Try holding down CTRL + left clicking, this will allow you to select child objects.

I’m a Kickstarter backer, where can I claim my copy of Influent?

I bought Influent on Playism, where can I find my Steam key?

I have a great idea for Influent, where can I share it?

OMG, this is broken, where I do report and get help?
You can also reach out to us at: support [at] playinfluent [dot] com

I am on a MAC and I have a white screen on startup, what do I do?

The white screen with Mac issue seems to be caused exclusively by Steam. Disabling the “Steam Overlay” before launching the game should resolve the issue. To disable to overlay, open up the steam library, right click on Influent in the list of games, click on properties, then disable the Steam Overlay.

Is it cool to make a YouTube, Twitch, or Hitbox stream of Influent?

Yes, please do! Thank you for spreading the word, you are awesome! Please list the following in your description:

I made video content about Influent… is it okay to monetize?

If you already own the game, feel free to monetize your videos. Advertising should not interfere with user access to video.

Can I have a review copy of Influent?

Yes, we would love to supply you with a review code. To make things easier, we ask you contact us via a domain URL address. We will confirm the request and channel. If we discover a review key was sent in error to an unconfirmed source, we will forward your information to Valve/Humble and blacklist the key.

I wound up not using the review code, can I trade/sell it?

No. These key are for review purposes only. Confirmation of selling or trading a review code will result in blacklisting.
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