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Influent Arrives on iOS!

LOS ANGELES, CA – October 20, 2021 — Influent, the immersive language learning game from Three Flip Studios that has already succeeded in delivering a fresh take on vocab acquisition to more than 500,000 students on PC via Steam, releases today on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch complete with new features, new language packs.

Influent teaches language in the most natural way possible – through virtual exposure to real-world settings, adding context into the language-learning process, just like a child increasing their vocabulary at home. Learn verbs, nouns, and adjectives while discovering objects and progressing through challenges gamifying the educational experience.

Step into the world of Andrew Cross, inventor of the SanjigenJiten, a smart device that scans objects and provides their names in any language. But Andrew’s prototype is stolen by a power-hungry Tech CEO prompting Andrew to start an online fundraiser to cover the legal fees needed to fight them in court. By learning a foreign language one word at a time, Andrew collects pledges as he livestreams his progress to his growing community of supporters!

Explore Andrew’s surroundings and identify objects around his apartment – the bed, food on the table, or a book on the shelf. Play mini-games in a real-world environment helping memorize both visual and auditory elements while identifying each object in its natural habitat. Seek and Destroy mode turns education into a blast (literally!) while piloting a flying ship around the apartment and shooting lasers at the correct objects.

Influent features native-speaking recordings of hundreds of words in over 20 different languages, going beyond simple flash-card style education and creating an environment where learning feels like winning. New to the iPhone version are Polish, Dutch, and Welsh language packs, along with a completely revamped German language pack.

An updated progress system takes language learners from tongue-tied to eloquent while having fun during the process. Customizable vocabulary lists grant more time and interaction with any troublesome words, and a helpful Discord community lets the community track progress and test skills together.

“By launching Influent on mobile, we are adding convenience to the immersive learning experience,” said Rob Howland, Founder, Three Flip Studios, and creator of Influent. “An hour-long session on your computer is great for learning, but mobile devices allow for convenient, smaller sessions during your free time throughout the day. Now you can play while your coffee is brewing, during your train ride to work, or on your lunch break.”

Influent launches today on iOS via the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as a free download with French, Italian, and Korean packs available for free. Additional language packs are available for $3.99 each.

Influent language packs include English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Swedish, Latin, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, and Welsh.

For more information, please visit Influent’s official website, join the official Discord server, which features in-game integration to track and share progress with others, check out the game on Twitter and Instagram, and follow Three Flip Studios on YouTube and Twitter.

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