1212, 2016

Announcing Steam Trading Cards

By |December 12, 2016|

Los Angeles, December 11, 2016 – Keeping in line with adding overdue features such as the recent inclusion of Steam Cloud Support in the latest update, Influent now has a full set of Steam Trading Cards as well, complete with badges, emoticons, and profile backgrounds!

Random card drops occur over time while playing Influent regularly and occasionally, if super lucky, card drops will be of the special foil variety. Foil cards are quite rare indeed and are quite valuable to collectors and fans alike.

Be sure to check out the Steam Trading Marketplace to see what sort of other nifty inventory items members of the Steam Community might offer for any Influent trading cards you find in your inventory after a nice long play session!

Happy trading!

1111, 2016

Announcing Steam Cloud Support

By |November 11, 2016|

Los Angeles, November 11, 2016 – At long last, Steam Cloud support for Influent has arrived! This feature provides Steam users with the ability to access their Influent save data across multiple computers and operating systems. After updating to the latest build, current players will receive this feature without losing any of their current progress.

This new feature had been highly requested by the Influent community for quite some time but took some careful R&D to ensure the protection of everyone’s current data. Now that a safe solution has been achieved, Steam Cloud functionality has been added to Influent’s list of features on the Steam Store!

As an important side note, if for any reason, players do happen to notice issues with the new saved game system on Steam or just have something to say, please head over to the Influent Steam Discussion Forums and start a new thread!

Given that no issues are currently being reported, players should be worry-free and on Cloud 9!

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