Norway Doorway

San Francisco, April 28, 2015Three Flip Studios, the indie crew behind the Language Learning Game, Influent, is proud to announce the release of the Norwegian Language Pack. This new addition to Influent’s growing collection of Scandinavian languages is now available on both Steam and the Humble Store, for $9.99 to new users or $4.99 as DLC to already existing users who have purchased the game previously.

More languages are in store for the coming months along with the release of something completely different. Three Flip Studios is currently in the process of developing a new game entitled Armed and Gelatinous. Existing players of Influent may have noticed a small addition to the game back in March that hinted at a future project. Fans will be excited to learn that the company plans to put profits from their new title toward further development of the Language Learning Game to include more environments and further areas of study such as sentence structure, conversation, and conjugation. Stay tuned for more info!

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