Italian Stallion DLC Release

San Francisco, September 26, 2014 – Three Flip Studios has released a 12th language pack for their critically acclaimed greenlit indie edutainment title, Influent. The Italian language pack is now available for purchase by existing players as DLC for $4.99 USD. For those who don’t already own Influent, the full game is available for $9.99 USD and comes packaged with any of the 12 currently available language packs, Italian included.

Influent offers a radical sandbox-style learning experience focusing primarily on vocabulary acquisition and pronunciation. Each language pack consists of ~500 unique audio pronunciations from native speakers and includes a wide variety of Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs. The game’s open-world approach gives players the freedom to progress at their own pace, focusing their attention on words of interest rather than following a structured lesson plan.

This new update to the game also includes some minor fixes that resolve some gameplay issues reported by Influent’s active online Steam community.

  • Save Data corruption after slot deletion issue fixed
  • Translation text bleed issue fixed

Influent - An immersive 3D language learning video game | Product Hunt

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