New user Interface language packs

Good News Everyone!

Four new User Interface language packs have just been released, meaning that native speakers of German, French, Swedish, & Russian are now capable of using Influent to its full extent. Furthermore, advanced players targeting either German, French, Swedish, or Russian and appreciate the concept of total immersion will be able to switch the game’s interface to any of those languages in order to keep things interesting!

Additionally, players targeting the Swedish language will be delighted to hear that the Swedish Language Pack has been updated to include the definitive articles “Ett” and “En” (where appropriate). While the Swedish language does not have specific gendered words, different articles are used in different cases. Just as with the German and French Language Packs, Swedish learners can now swap between displaying these articles and hiding them with the “F” key while in-game.

Italian Imminent!

The Italian audio has been completely recorded and is currently being processed to ensure the quality of the pronunciations are consistent and there were no recording errors during the process. Given no mistakes were made during the process, those awaiting the Italian Language Pack should expect it to be released by the end of the month.

That’s all for now! More in the works. 😉

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