Russian Roulette


Four months after the release of the critically acclaimed Language Learning Video Game, Influent, a new and highly anticipated language pack has been added to the game’s long list of available languages. The Russian Language Pack can now be purchased by existing players as DLC for just $4.99 USD or for new players the game and any language of their choice, including Russian, can be purchased for $9.99 USD. This new addition to the Influent family features audio pronunciations from Masha Maslova, a native Russian speaker with a strong background in Russian/English translation. The recent update to Influent also addresses a number of issues that were reported by the game’s dedicated user-base on the Steam Community Forums.

Russian isn’t the last language that will be added to Influent. According to the game’s official website, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Danish, Norsk, and many more languages are currently in the works and will hopefully see a speedy release. Furthermore, non-English speakers will be excited to learn that the game’s User Interface is undergoing translation as well and, according to the developer, many new UI languages will be released in an update in August. These new updates come just in time for Gamescom, at which Three Flip Studios (Influent’s developer), will be presenting the game at the Games Park, together with another brand new title from the Indie dev studio. Early indications hint that this new title is purely for entertainment purposes, unlike with Influent’s Educational agenda.

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