“Influent is by far the most engaging language learning tool, with great interaction and visual presentation.”

Sarwar Ron, Noobfeed

“If you’re starting a new language or just looking to brush up on your household vocab, I think Influent is an excellent option.”

Charlie Custer, Tech In Asia

“Influent teaches the words that surround you on a daily basis, making it instantly useful to your everyday life.”

Powlyglot logoMartin Boehme, Powlyglot

“An interesting educational tool for those who are looking for a push to learn a new language.”

Matthew O'Mara, Nikkei Voice

“There’s no doubt I’ll be continuing until I tick off every task and master every word.”

Harrie Bailey, Game Grin

“It’s that gaminess that makes Influent stand out, chiseling a place in any respectable study round.”

Hcgamer logoLee Cooper, Hardcore Gamer

“Influent could potentially serve as a helpful supplementary item if kids are learning to speak another language.”

Erin Brereton, Common Sense Media

“It’s games like Influent which seem to be building a proof of concept for something that should be used in schools.”

“Influent is a tool that students should definitely keep in mind when studying a foreign language.”

Marcus Estrada, Cliqist
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🇪🇸 Spanish
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🇯🇵 Japanese
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🇨🇳 Chinese Mandarin
🇷🇺 Russian
🇺🇦 Ukrainian
🇧🇬 Bulgarian
🇵🇹 Eu. Portuguese
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🇸🇪 Swedish
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🇫🇮 Finnish
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