Pack Help


If you’ve received a message about missing language packs or missing UI packs, then you’ve come to the right place! Please read this page carefully to determine the cause of this error. Don’t panic! It is probably very simple to fix. : )

If you can’t find your language pack files or installers, please ensure you’ve downloaded both the base game AND the language pack installation files. To double check, please select one of the following links depending on where you purchased the game:

Provider Link
Playism Account Page
Humble Store Account Page

If you’ve located your language pack installers, you can easily install them using the installation files provided in the download links from your provider. If you are still having trouble, please click here to get in touch!

Installing Language Packs

Influent uses an external language pack system for both user interface and target language data. These files MUST be placed inside the “Resources” folder in order to function properly. This folder has the same name on all platforms but is located in slightly different places.

Note for Mac Users: You can open the Influent Application simply by right-clicking on the Application icon and selecting “Show Package Contents.” From there, you should be able to find the “Resources” folder inside.
Platform Location
Win (32-bit) ~/Program Files/Influent/Influent_Data/Resources/
Win (64-bit) ~/Program Files (x86)/Influent/Influent_Data/Resources/
Mac ~/Applications/
Linux ~/Influent/Influent_Data/Resources/