“Influent manages to make studying more fun than it otherwise would be.”
─ Marcus Estrada, Cliqist
“An interesting educational tool for those who are looking for a push to learn a new language.”
─ Matthew O'Mara, Nikkei Voice
“Influent is the perfect game to give kids an introduction to a new language.”
─ Matthew Mondero, Steam First
“Influent does a remarkably good job of helping you to master basic foreign vocabulary in no time at all.”
─ Nic Bunce, Continue Play
“By showing virtual representations of nouns, adjectives, and verbs, Influent offers players the chance to start pumping up their vocabulary in a new language.”
─ Antony Stevens, Indie Game Magazine
“Rob Howland’s Influent is by far the most engaging language learning tool, with great interaction and visual presentation.”
─ Sarwar Ron, Noobfeed
“If you’re starting a new language or just looking to brush up on your household vocab, I think Influent is an excellent option.”
─ Charlie Custer, Games in Asia
“There’s no doubt I’ll be continuing until I tick off every task and master every word.”
─ Harrie Bailey, Game Grin
“It’s games like Influent which seem to be building a proof of concept for something that should be used in schools.”
─ Sean P, Critical Gamer
“This kind of basic image association helps players build up a vocabulary in the language they wish to learn.”
─ Matthew O'Mara, Nikkei Voice
  • Entertainment Computing Laboratory
  • University of Tsukuba
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - Japan
  • Information Processing Society of Japan
  • Advancements in Computer Entertainment

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